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Womens Rock Climbing Course North Wales

Womens Rock Climbing Course North Wales

How often have you been the only woman on a course? How often has your instructor been male too? Most of the time, I am guessing. Although it is nice to climb with our male friends, men and women are often very different in size, strength and the way they think. This course aims to give you something different by providing an all female group so that you can get taught techniques to suit your size in a way that suits you. Snowdonia is an ideal location to try rock climbing for the first time as there are so many crags to choose from there is something to suit everyone. This two day course will start with the basics and aim to give you enough understanding to competently climb with others and make safe decisions. We will aim to stay outdoors for the duration but occasionally use local climbing walls if appropriate.

What will I learn on this climbing course for women?

As with all of our courses the teaching will be geared to suit individual needs so course content may vary but examples of aspects covered are:

• Equipment.
• Climbing etiquette/calls.
• Use of guide books.
• Belaying (looking after the climber using a rope).
• Movement skills.
• Bottom roping/top roping systems.
• Abseiling.
• Risk assessments.
• Seconding a climb and removing gear.

Available Dates 2017

20th -21st May
8th -9th July

or please contact us to discuss your preferred dates.

Is the women’s’ rock climbing course suitable for me?

Reasonable fitness. No previous rock climbing experience needed.



If you would prefer the flexibility of booking a private course daily rates per person are as follows:
1 person: £160/day
2 people: £85/day
3 people +: £60/day

Please contact Freedom Outdoors for more information on our Womens Rock Climbing Course North Wales, or to discuss your requirements and make a booking.

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