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Mountain Leader refresher: Navigation

Mountain Leader refresher: Navigation

This one day course in Snowdonia concentrates on the Navigation section of the Mountain Leader Syllabus. We will spend time re-capping skills and developing clear strategies which will help you during assessment and beyond. By the end of the day I will be able to give you detailed feedback about where you are at in terms of being ready for assessment.

What will we cover?

• Maps, scales and conventional signs.
• Contours and other methods of showing relief.
• Topographical features.
• Relating the map to the ground and vice versa.
• Measuring distance on the map and the ground.
• Navigating across country with map alone.
• Compasses and other navigation aids.
• Methods of identifying features and position.
• Methods of relocation.
• Methods for navigating across country in poor visibility and/or in darkness.


Please get in touch and I will advertise a date to suit you.

I have a one day refresher running on April 6th.

What experience do I need before attending this course?

The day is aimed at those of you who have already completed a Mountain Leader Training or Hill and Moorland Training course but if this doesn't apply to you please contact me and we can chat about the suitability of the course for you.


If you are also booked onto the Hazards of steep ground refresher day the cost is £50/day

Please contact Freedom Outdoors for more information on our Mountain Leader refresher: Navigation, or to discuss your requirements and make a booking.

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Mountain Leader refresher: Navigation enquiry

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